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Specifications and Car Prices Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport. Renowned automobile manufacturers ie Ford launched the Ford Ecosport flagship car in 2014 using the SUV genre. This car uses a sporty design and is dedicated to people who like to explore. This car was designed by 16 renowned designers that cater to the people of Indonesia, because the Indonesian people like SUV with a modern style and Sporty.

SUV Ecosport has advanced features and able to carry 5 passengers. The form design is adopted from the Fiesta even looks like a Fiesta car but more gahar Ecosport, masculine and certainly more sporty.


Specifications Ford Ecosport


SUV Ecosport ready to hit a variety of terrain with a smooth, especially in urban aspalkan will look dashing and attractive. On the sloping windshield looks and shape front bumper also looks exclusive and bold headlamp design uses narrowed. The EcoSport car is the car a true adventurer looks of container placed the spare tire on the back. Moreover, this SUV car using big tires so can pass the steep road though.


Ford Ecosport advanced features embedded in it and is able to accommodate 5 passengers. Hill Launch Assist feature vyang help the driver when parking cars and Ford have helped as it passes through the ramp. 2016 Chevy Volt release date and price The feature is the Ford Sync lainyya with Voice Control where the entertainment features of the car is compatible with many gadgets. At the helm there are features Electric Power Steering pointless to steer and workload meriungankan dapurpacu. Do not forget also features Smart Keyless Entry with Ford Power Start which is a typical feature of Ford that will add to the exclusivity of this EcoSport Specifications.


Ford Ecosport using a 1500 cc engine powered with 1.5L Ti-VCT types that have a 4-cylinder in dalamnnya is capable of producing a maximum of 110 PS and torque that can be produced is 142 Nm. In the Ford Power transmission using technology shift 6 speed which will be more powerful and environmentally friendly.

Price Ford Ecosport
After discussing about the specifications, incomplete if not accompanied prices.
The following price list Ford Ecosport by type.

Ambiente (MT) USD 195.4 million
Trend (MT) USD 213.4 million
Trend (AT) US $ 223.4 million
Titanium (MT) USD 232.4 million
Titanium (AT) US $ 242.4 million

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