Jumat, 24 Juli 2015

Excess Ford Ecosport

Ford EcoSport. Ford's SUV of the famous manufacturer with aggressiveness, strength, and exclusive also emanated from the advantages of this Ford EcoSport. Ford certainly did not want to play games to work on this car. With the trend of SUV cars that are popular in the world, used by manufacturers from the United States with the launch of this EcoSport. The car is very suitable for the adventurous also has advanced features that make it easy and pamper the driver ready to storm tracks are impassable by car city car with ease. Excess EcoSport is what will make this interesting car in the automotive market both globally and Indonesia alone.

This excess Ford EcoSport SUV looks with this capability are able to pass through 550mm deep puddles. The depth can not be bypassed by any car. Also this car is very flexible in terms of connectivity with the Ford Sync with Voice Control that already we describe above. Ford Powershift six-speed technology will make this car more fuel efficient.

Other advantages are EcoSport car has a steering position is high, so it will be easier for the driver to control the car. A relief space for 5 passengers will also be a determining factor of this car comfort.

Ford's own internal party of promising Excess Ford EcoSport with various advanced features nan interesting in it that serves the safety, comfort, quality, and value of an SUV with the maximum. This car is also tough to pass through various terrain track because this car was created for urbanites who like adventure.

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